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Press Release

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Tax For All Go-Live:
A New Integrated Tax Administration
System for Cyprus

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2022 TIN Report

2022 TIN Report Ebook v2

The 2022 TIN Report announced that the Tech Industry has become the second largest export earner in Aotearoa New Zealand playing a vital part in the country’s future prosperity.

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Pacific leaders celebrate Cop27 victory

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The COP27 (Climate Change Conference) agreed to establish a loss and damage fund which will provide financial assistance to those countries who are affected by the impact of climate change – most…

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UN agrees global tax rules resolution

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The United Nations has adopted the resolution for a new UN tax convention, which was proposed by the African Group of states.

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How ADB, New Zealand, and Australia are Helping Reform Solomon Islands’ Tax System

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The financial fallout from the Covid pandemic has had a devasting financial impact on our Pacific neighbours, but it has not stopped their long-term tax reform ambitions and plans.

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The importance of trust

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“Substantial evidence across countries and regions indicates that the willingness to pay taxes and support reform is higher when trust in the state is strong.

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The costs of tax compliance of SMEs

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This article below, written by Alfredo Collosa, CIAT and IMF consultant in tax administration, is worth a read. https://lnkd.

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