About Us

DataTorque is one of New Zealand’s leading tech businesses. Our focus is on tackling complexity. By designing and delivering practical solutions that enable our clients around the world to efficiently collect and manage critical tax revenues, we help them advance.

Our determination to succeed and our famous Kiwi down-to-earth approach has attracted some of the best talent available to join us and work together with our clients in delivering real impact where it matters. The result has been the continual refinement of our products and services, year-on-year growth and the unwavering loyalty of our clients - we have not lost a single client to a competitor in over twenty years.

Today our reputation for delivering what we promise without issues or unwanted surprises reaches from the Pacific market we first entered back in the late 1990's to Africa, the Americas and Europe. It is a story that has provided returns for both ourselves and our clients, it is a story of collective success.

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Our People

What often sets companies apart is their people, but it is what unites them - their sense of a shared purpose - that really makes the difference.  At DataTorque each and every one of us understands that what we do has a real impact on our clients and the future of their countries.

It’s an understanding that binds and focuses us as a team. Regardless of where we are in the world - our team is currently operating in 16 countries - the values that guide us and drive our performance ensure our results are consistent and our relationships are lasting.

Our team comes from all over the world, we operate globally, but our home is New Zealand. Being from a small nation is an important point of difference because, like many of the countries we work with, we understand more than most that we rely on each other to achieve success.