Working With Us

Here at DataTorque people are important. Our environment at HQ allows us to enjoy being together, and have fun while working with each other to transform our clients' revenue systems. This in turn enriches the lives of millions of people all over the world. Not only is what we do challenging and engrossing, but it's rewarding because what we deliver truly makes a difference.

What we are about

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We partner with Revenue Authorities across the globe and our services and support generates more public funds for their governments. Our client countries use these funds for essential services like schools, hospitals and infrastructure, and we are so proud to contribute to that.

Our people are motivated and like-minded. We get a kick out of technology and doing a great job for our clients and each other. We are always trying to solve tricky business and technical problems to help make our clients' revenue systems fairer, more efficient and easier to use.

We have a collaborative, friendly way of working here at DataTorque that is genuinely enjoyable to be a part of. It feels good to come into our open office environment which supports focus and working closely with others as well as providing views of the harbour and the CBD hub of Courtenay Place.

One of our fundamental principles is that work is just one important part of life that needs to be balanced with energy and time at home with family, friends and other interests.

We have an inclusive, down-to-earth style with easy, informal interactions across our team. When they are not with our clients, our Executive Leadership Team is approachable and accessible on a daily basis. They work alongside others, openly acknowledge contribution and celebrate success at our weekly Friday Team Meeting with morning tea. (If you love jam donuts, sausage rolls or cheese scones this is the favourite time of the week).

There's a fun side to our team work that is encouraged with regular organised activities and competitions that we do together on an 'opt-in' basis. From our football team for the fit and fool hardy amongst us, to impromptu rounds of hacky sack, or to our small group of board game enthusiasts, there is a lot of inclusiveness.

Team events always involve food and also extend to making a broader contribution to the community with tree planting and beach clean ups, and family activities designed to fascinate our children especially around festivals and holidays.

"It's pretty unique - like a United Nations. I love being part of a like-minded technical team where there are so many different cultures and languages being spoken. It's fascinating seeing how it all comes together for a common cause."

Our Values

Our values are not only visible around the office but we keep them alive by demonstrating what they mean in practice with our quarterly DIFT Awards. These acknowledge and celebrate our values in action as individuals are nominated by their colleagues for exemplifying these behaviours.



We try hard and always strive to do our best. We recognise that by going out of our way to respond to the needs of others, everyone benefits.



We value the contributions of our colleagues, partners and our clients. By listening and being open-minded we build genuine, long-lasting relationships based on respect and understanding.



We are an international team with a Kiwi, can-do approach and see the value in looking at the world in a different way. By challenging and questioning what we see, we continually seek to improve what we do.



We believe that excellence and quality are achieved through focus and dedication. By understanding a problem and pinpointing exactly what's needed, we create solutions that consistently do what they are designed to do.