Meet the Team: Fiona Grant


When she's not at the office, software developer Fiona Grant can usually be found hitting the slopes or taking to the waves. Whether it's snowboarding, waterskiing or a lunch-break run, sports are her passion. It's important that she's able to fit her love for the outdoors around her work schedule, so a great work-life balance is key. At the moment though, there's not too much time for any of that, as her brand new puppy Tilly is taking up most of her attention! 

Fiona has been a software developer at DataTorque for around two years and the variety in her work means that she hasn't got bored yet. Currently she's in the workflow team, where she really enjoys getting to play around with the different parts of the application. Recently, she has been working on fixes and creating new workflows for the Barbados team. Her favourite part of the job, however, is the people she works with and the office culture.

"It's a very relaxed culture. Everyone's friendly and approachable, and they're always there to help you out. It's a super supportive office!"

She can even combine her passion for sports with her work as part of the company's sports teams, including the indoor football team. They're not quite Premier League ready just yet, but watch this space!