Meet the Team: Niraj Nagtilak


When Niraj Nagtilak joined DataTorque nearly a year ago, he wasn’t sure what to expect. Since then, he’s worked across multiple teams, pitched a whole new UI concept and been promoted to Practice Lead. Niraj says that one of the best things about working at DT is the work environment.

“The senior staff are humble, kind and receptive to new ideas. It’s hard to find a workplace like this, where you just forget about any hierarchy!”

When he’s not working on his clean coding, Niraj loves to spend time with his family. Saturdays are reserved for quality time with his three year old son at their favourite spots - currently it's the zoo and Junglerama! He’s also a passionate sportsman, whether he’s on the cricket pitch or turning his dining room table into a ping pong table. He's a bit of an adrenaline junky too - at the beginning of 2020 he did a 141-foot high bungy jump in Rotorua (pictured below)!

Niraj hails from Latur, a small town in Maharashtra, India. He is proud of his culture, and loves to celebrate Marathi traditions with his family. He is a big believer in achieving growth through helping others, and he's been able to put this into practice at DataTorque. No matter what problems his colleagues encounter, whether they be technical or not, he's always there to help out.