Career Growth at DataTorque: From IT Support to dream job

Allen Shelly 3

Exactly two years after coming to Aotearoa New Zealand, Allen Shelly received an unexpected anniversary gift; a full-time permanent role as Junior Software Developer at DataTorque. An achievement that required resilience, courage, and a healthy dose of self-assurance. Allen adds: “I am so grateful for the support I received from my team here and the opportunity to finally fulfil my career dream.” Allen joined our team as a full-time IT Assistant. Later he was encouraged to apply for the internship that ultimately led him to his dream job. What he appreciates the most about working here is the team spirit and the trust he receives. “Right from day one, my team managers trusted me to get the job done. And if something went wrong we fixed it together.”

But Allen’s inspiring story starts well before he joined DataTorque in 2020.

Although his passion has always been in IT, in particular software development, he opted for a BA program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Kerala, India. After graduation he accepted a role in the telecom sector, where he gained valuable work experience, but didn’t see a future for himself. “The work became repetitive and a bit boring”, remembers Allen. After a couple of years, he decided to finally follow his heart and pursue a career in software development. That meant quitting a well-paying job to become a student again, but this time in Aotearoa New Zealand.

After successfully finishing his diploma in Information Technology at Whitireia in Porirua, he joined DataTorque as IT Support. Right from day one, he became a vital part of our team with many responsibilities. “I liked that I wasn’t micromanaged and had flexible work hours. DataTorque also supports a work from home policy. But to be honest, the atmosphere is so great, I love coming into the office every day,” says Allen.

When DataTorque rolled out a new internship programme for software developers Allen didn’t think that he was the right fit at first. But his team manager Mark Fairmaid knew about Allen’s career aspirations and encouraged him to apply.

“Allen has the right technological skills. But more importantly, he is very dedicated and eager to learn. That made him the perfect candidate for this role. I’m very happy that Allen went for the opportunity to grow into the role of Software Developer”, says Mark. 

The internship allowed Allen to apply his coding skills. Together with the other interns he has worked on multi-lingual extensions to our flagship RMS product, which will enable DataTorque to break into new markets. Today Allen says, “Sometimes you must come out of your comfort zone and do what you like the most, and it always pays off. I left family and friends behind to step into the unknown, looking back I can say that I am very happy I took that risk and followed my dream.” We are delighted to welcome Allen (again) to our team and are looking forward to seeing where his future will take him.