Our Revenue Management System™ (RMS) is a powerful and flexible tax management application that helps you more effectively collect and manage tax revenues. 

The impact of deploying our RMS is instant. In each of the countries where RMS operates today complexity has been cut, duplication issues resolved, compliance met and revenues across the board have increased .

RMS is a complete end-to-end solution that’s designed for mobilising domestic revenue and enabling countries to achieve their goals. It brings together taxpayer information, transactions and communications into one user-friendly system, and provides an accurate single source of truth, using data you know you can trust.

This makes a huge difference within a tax authority. Administrative tasks become automated, and subjective decision-making is replaced with risk-based modelling and monitoring. Your people and resources can be directed where they are needed most and away from double-handling and paper shuffling.

Taxpayers are supported with clear communication and prompt response times. Services can also be delivered online or via mobile to help taxpayers engage even more.