Tonga tax goes fully electronic

Taxpayers in the Kingdom of Tonga will now be able to perform all of their tax obligations online, thanks to DataTorque’s latest release of its Revenue Management System (RMS).

“Provision of a fully electronic tax service is a significant achievement for DataTorque and the Kingdom of Tonga,” said Bill Chatwin, Managing Director at DataTorque. “The geographical nature of an island nation such as Tonga obviously creates logistical problems when tax affairs have to be settled in person. The end-to-end electronic system we provide makes compliance easy.”

DataTorque’s RMS software enables government revenue authorities to administer revenue collections on a nationwide level. RMS is an electronic tax management system, which enables taxpayers to complete all actions required for compliance electronically, from registration to filing returns, making payments and applying for refunds. It is used throughout the Pacific as well as in Africa and the Americas.

The Tongan Ministry of Revenue and Customs is responsible for revenue collections within Tonga. The e-filing and e-payments capabilities included in the latest RMS update represent the culmination of years of hard work and cooperation to provide a simplified solution for regular taxpayers and the business community as a whole. The project was completed with funding from the Australian Government and the Asian Development Bank.

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