States of Jersey Taxes Office Partners with DataTorque on Revenue Management System


New Zealand technology business DataTorque has been working with the Jersey Taxes Office since October last year to deliver the first phase of a programme that will help to modernise the island’s revenue collection and provide a state-of-the-art customer experience for the people of Jersey.

Comptroller of Taxes, Richard Summersgill said, “DataTorque’s ‘off the shelf’ tax software was selected following an international tender, and will simplify the process of filling in tax returns for many. It will also collect social security contributions.”

DataTorque Managing Director Bill Chatwin said, “We are proud to have secured this important contract for the States of Jersey and are working to assist the transformation team to build user-friendly, customer-centred services for its population.”

The Comptroller of Taxes said the first phase of the work is on schedule and close to completion. “We are on track for all staff to be using the new system from 2019 and for many to be able to file online and receive automatic assessments in 2020.”

Jersey is DataTorque’s first client in Europe, extending its client base from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

“We are very excited to have a European presence, and a team located fulltime in Jersey,” said Mr Chatwin. “We are really enjoying working with the States of Jersey team whose collaborative, professional approach has helped us quickly settle into a great working relationship with them.”

Jersey is officially called the Bailiwick of Jersey and is an autonomous, self-governing British Crown Dependency in the English Channel. Whilst it has a close and special relationship with the United Kingdom, it has its own independent legal, administrative and fiscal systems.

DataTorque’s partnership with the States of Jersey highlights the capability of its RMS application and specialist tax reform consultancy services to meet the demands of a wide range of revenue jurisdictions globally.


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