DataTorque Transport Management System Live in The Bahamas

Bahamas TMS

New Zealand technology business DataTorque has successfully rolled out its Transport Management System (TMS) to modernise the administration of vehicle and drivers’ licencing in The Bahamas.

DataTorque has partnered with local firm Network Security Consultant Group (NSCG) to assist with the implementation together with US companies General Dynamics and American Bank Note, which provided the printers and new physical licences, using state of the art technology.

“We’re delighted to be working with the government of the Bahamas to help them advance and to improve the customer experience for the public. Our TMS is helping them to reduce wait times, increase revenue and stop identity fraud,” says DataTorque’s Managing Director Bill Chatwin.  

“It’s a large, diverse rollout of our TMS software across more than 30 branches and across many of the Bahamas islands”, he says.

“It is exciting to see the administration of transport licences going from hand-written manual systems to leading edge laser engraved licenses with holograms and passport grade photos that are some of the most sophisticated and secure in the world, and are near impossible to copy,” he says.  

“By making their information easily accessible people can save time and effort while ensuring their licenses are all up to date,” says Mr Chatwin.

“Since going live we are issuing thousands of licences every week. The Road Traffic Department together with the Police are now much better equipped to monitor compliance which helps to make their roads safer and ultimately saves lives”, he says.

DataTorque won the contract to work with The Bahamas government on their transport systems having successfully delivered its Revenue Management System (RMS) to support the introduction of their new Value Added Tax (VAT) in January 2015 and Business Licences in August 2015.

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