DataTorque launches new brand identity


DataTorque is launching its new brand identity on Friday 18 December. The new brand aims to focus and refine the company’s direction and image in light of its expanding international profile. The company’s brand foundation is based upon an ethos of collective success.

“We’re very excited about DataTorque’s new brand,” said Bill Chatwin, Managing Director at DataTorque. “The rebranding process has provided us with an excellent opportunity to really articulate what drives us in how we work with our clients. Our story is based on shared success. From our home in the Pacific, to Africa and the Americas, what we’ve achieved together with our clients is born from a simple understanding – that when everyone contributes, everyone benefits.”

DataTorque is a Wellington based software vendor. Their flagship Revenue Management System (RMS), alongside their suite of Customs Management and Transport Management Systems (CMS and TMS) are being used every day across the world by international governments to collect and manage essential tax revenues. The programmes are designed for implementation in emerging economies, to make the revenue collection process more efficient and transparent, providing governments with the tools they need to help their nations advance.

“DataTorque’s new brand identity combines our unique Kiwi ingenuity with our determination to succeed and desire to work together. Our aim is to create focused, practical and sustainable solutions that deliver fast returns,” said Mr. Chatwin.

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