DataTorque Helps Modernise Public Revenue in Barbados

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New Zealand technology business DataTorque successfully implemented its Revenue Management System (RMS) for the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) only 10 months after the project was initiated.

DataTorque’s RMS system is enabling the BRA to modernise its tax administration in a phased approach over three years, following an international tender to improve its tax efficiency.

This successful deployment makes a suite of fully online services available to businesses and personal taxpayers, who can now register and file their tax returns online.  It also provides tax agents and accountants with a range of online tools to manage their clients’ tax affairs.

Former BRA Commissioner-General Margaret Sivers said, “This an important step towards modernising the way we administer tax and improve service for tax payers.” 

“As delivery of RMS continues business customers will have lower compliance costs, and paying tax will be easier for everyone with paper-based methods being phased out,” said Ms Sivers.

Bill Chatwin, Managing Director DataTorque said, “We’re delighted to have been able to deploy quickly to help the BRA achieve its overall tax efficiency goal.  This is an exciting partnership for DataTorque and our teams are thoroughly enjoying working alongside the BRA to meet their system requirements, and to deliver training and support for staff and business advisors using the new system.”

The project merges VAT, corporate and personal income tax following the formation of the BRA in 2014.

DataTorque’s commitments in the Caribbean region also extend to revenue and transport management systems with the governments of the Bahamas and Haiti. 

DataTorque partners with Canadian firm C2D Services in Barbados and Haiti to install its RMS.

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