DataTorque and C2D Services sign new RMS contract for Haiti

DataTorque and C2D Services have signed a six year contract with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) to install the Revenue Management System (RMS) for the Haitian Tax Administration Authority, known in French as Direction Générale des Impôts (DGI).

The DGI has the mandate of supporting the government‘s efforts to implement a stable and effective tax management system. This mandate has been articulated in a fiscal reform plan. The goals of the plan include increasing tax revenue and broadening the tax base.

"We’re delighted to be working with our partner C2D and the Canadian Government on this project. Together we will assist the Haitian economy to move forward and facilitate positive changes for the people of Haiti,” said Bill Chatwin, DataTorque Managing Director. “This will be our first installation of RMS in a Francophone country and we are excited about the opportunities for innovation and advancement this new segment presents.”

By using automated services, the DGI aims to develop an integrated application to collect income taxes and other tax types. This will result in a significant increase in tax compliance, which will yield more resources to fund government development priorities.

The DFATD are the funding agency for the programme of work with advisory support to be provided by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

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