Barbados Revenue Authority chooses RMS

Barbados FINAL

DataTorque has won the opportunity to help the Government of Barbados improve its tax efficiency with its Revenue Management System (RMS).

The three-year contract which highlights DataTorque’s expertise in tax reform services and tax administration systems followed an international tender. 

“We are delighted to be working with the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) to help them reach their revenue goals to fund essential public services,” says Bill Chatwin, Managing Director DataTorque. 

“Our RMS together with the professional consulting we offer will help them to modernize their service delivery, by replacing legacy systems for all their tax types.”

Barbados is DataTorque’s third client in the Caribbean region following its revenue and transport management system work with the Governments of the Bahamas and Haiti.

“This exciting new Caribbean partnership with the BRA is all about helping increase the productivity of the government’s revenue collection, and for DataTorque, it also means we are a step closer to extending our presence in the region which is a major focus for us,” says Mr Chatwin.

“It is wonderful to now be working in Barbados which is of course a Caribbean hub.  As a small independent nation totally surrounded by sea, and as a member of the British Commonwealth, Barbadians and Kiwis have quite a bit in common.  We’re looking forward to helping the BRA advance toward meeting their efficiency goals and delivering great service to their taxpayers,” says Mr Chatwin.

DataTorque has partnered with Canadian firm C2D Services to install its Revenue Management System for the BRA, which was established in 2014 to consolidate the compliance and enforcement functions of the Inland Revenue Department, the Land Tax Department, the VAT and Excise divisions of Customs and the revenue collection functions of the Licensing Authority of the Ministry of Transport. 

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